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LuvBiz Chicago helps people that are single looking for a long-term relationship find reputable personal matchmakers in the greater Chicagoland area. Single people can now be referred to Professional Matchmakers with years of experience and dedication.

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Owner and Chief Matchmaker, Lisa has over 35 years of matchmaking experience with unparalleled success. She is commonly known as Chicago’s most successful matchmaker.

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Jim is the Co-Owner of LuvBiz Chicago and Lisa’s ex-husband. Although it may seem rather out of the ordinary that ex-spouses work together they both commonly agree that they are great at their jobs and work well together. After all, business is business.

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Annie is Lisa and Jim’s daughter. She is the chief recruiter to LubBiz Chicago and the family’s newest matchmaker. Annie likes to point out that working in the family business has it’s ups and downs but there is nothing better than helping someone find love.

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Jamie is Lisa and Jim’s son. Jamie is a recruiter for LubBiz Chicago and the creator of the company’s gay division. He claims to be one of the most successful gay matchmakers in the country. Jamie has a natural passion for matchmaking and likes to consult with his family on an “as needed” basis.

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As Seen on the Hit TV show, Love Blows

With the recent success of LuvBiz Chicago you can now see them on the hit TV show “Love Blows” no appearing Friday nights on WE. You never know what will happen next when Chicago’s most successful matchmakers get going.

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Welcome to Luv Biz Chicago, the premiere matchmaking company in the greater Chicagoland area.  With over 30 years of professional experience, Lisa Galos and her team of matchmakers can help you find love.  Whether you are a dedicated professional that never took the time to find true love or someone re-entering the dating scene we specialize in working hard for our clients to find true, meaningful love.  Our typical clients have come to us for help to find their match.  If this sounds like something you would benefit from, and you can afford the services of a true professional then you will not find a more qualified and dedicated team of match making professionals.

Helping people that are single and looking for a long-term relationship in the greater Chicagoland area.  Our primary goal is to help people gain quality introductions.

We recruit year round Chicago’s most eligible singles. We provide a fun and easy way to meet singles in person.

Over the years we’ve hosted a variety of different types of theme parties.  You can be assured of having a great time in an environment that is stress free and where you are sure to meet many singles.

Our wine tasting events are a creative option for people to socialize as a group, presenting fine cuisine and memorable wines- without the formality of planned events.

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By now you may have tried one of the online dating websites but then you quickly found out that it’s full of misrepresentation.  No one looks like their pictures, people lie about their age, height and maybe even their martial status!  The apps are even worse.  They’ve all earned a reputation for hook-up sites.  Perhaps the worst is when your friends try and set you up…but you aren’t interested in the person they want to set you up with.  Now you can’t even go to the family BBQ because you might get stuck in the corner to with some person you have no intention of spending any time with.  It’s time to call in a professional!  A matchmaker will work for you to find a person that one person you want to spend your free time with.

LuvBiz Chicago is a professional matchmaking company that takes its business seriously.  We expect the same from our clients. Whether you are new to dating scene and looking for love for the first time or you are recently single we expect our clients to work with us hand in hand to help them find true love.  By upholding this standard we weed out all the people that aren’t looking for a meaningful relationship.  Our typical clients are serious about finding true love.  If this is you and you can afford the services of a true professional then you will not find a more qualified, dedicated matchmaking company in Chicago.  We don’t just take on any client.    Our reputation depends on it and our business will continue to prosper by serving our clients with the dedication and expertise they deserve.

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For years I had been dedicated to running a business that had taken all my time and prevented me from having any social life.  Then one day I woke up and realized that my business didn’t love me back.  Suddenly I was lonely and ready to find love.  Lisa and her team came highly recommended by a friend so I gave her a call.  After a couple meetings and a motivational speech, I went on a couple dates.  I have met some amazing people and am certain true love is in my future.  Thank you for getting my priorities straight and getting my life back Lisa!


Business Owner

Lisa, I must admit, I was very reluctant to hire you to help me find true love.  I had always figured that I knew myself better than anyone so I knew what was best for me.  Well I can now admit you were right.  You sat me down and help me realize what was most important.  Remember Janet, the tall brunette you set me up with last fall?  Well we have great news to report… we are engaged and in the process of setting a wedding date.  Thank you so much and be on the lookout for our wedding invitation we will be sending you!



As a single-parent of two kids I had been out of the dating scene for many years.  I was skeptical about getting back out there.  Finally I decided to meet with Lisa and her team.  They took the time to learn about me and what I was looking for.  Before long I was going on dates with women that shared the same goals as I.  I’m happy to now be in a serious long-term relationship thanks to Lisa!



I had tried some of the large online dating sites for years and kept having bad luck.  Many of the guys lied about their age, height, and marital status!!!  Most of them didn’t even resemble their pictures they had posted.  After years of falling flat on my face I finally decided to hire Luv Biz Chicago to help me find true love.  Within weeks I had met some great guys and I am happy to tell you that I have found true love!  I recommend Lisa and her team to anyone in Chicago that is looking for a true, meaningful relationship!



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